What about the game news? When is the release planned?

Such questions are difficult to answer. The timer on the site is a warm-up before the game, when this date hits, a very detailed article about the game will be released, so do not forget to follow the updates and include notifications.
The release will be when the game is ready. We'll have to spend dozens of hours on different systems to find and fix bugs, see how the game works and monitor progress. A modest project, but actually for us in the first place not the graphics, and the main plot. The only thing we are sure to be glued — to the translation of the game into English. This is a very complex and voluminous process. We know that the quality is lame, but we try to correct problems and grammatical errors. The readiness of the game at the moment has not reached half, we try to make the story interesting, of course, not directly exciting, but something that could encourage the player to pass i ... Read more »

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Light in Night - and development



We know that text quests are not very popular on desktop platforms, but on mobile this genre is appreciated very well. Our project will be released on all desktop platforms, mobile, and you can play our game in the browser.

Why we chose this irrelevant for the development of the genre? Yes for a simple reason. Since we have a very limited budget and we want to bring some stories to life, we resort to this genre. Imagine, you have an idea about some movie, right? To shoot it requires a budget, and since you have an idea for example crazy, and the budget requires a lot. So judge for yourself whet ... Read more »

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